Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ghost - Infestissumam (2013)
Notable Swedish occult rockers Ghost made quite a stir after their debut "Opus Eponymous" with its unabashed Satanic lyrics and the band's provocative dress. It seems that these rising stars are bound to become one of Sweden's most popular bands (if they haven't achieved that status already) after their dazzling sophomore album "Infestissumam." The songs are somewhat catchier/poppier than on the debut, but the music is just as good and those who have high expectations for this album will not be disappointed. Like their counterparts in Ancient VVisdom, Ghost manage to make evil music that doesn't sound evil. In fact, it's so catchy that one would be forgiven if one thought Papa Emeritus was singing about flowers and hippies rather than the various aliases of Satan or what have you. Anyways, this might just prove to be the "pop" album of the year for me and no matter what your religious persuasion I can't recommend "Infestissumam" enough.

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