Friday, March 14, 2014

Within Temptation - Hydra (2014)
At first this album really disappointed me, but after a few listens I've grown to appreciate it. I still consider it a major step down from the phenomenal "The Unforgiving," but "Hydra" certainly has its share of memorable tunes that are some of the best in WT's catalog. The track "Paradise" featuring the one-and-only Tarja is certainly one of the band's crowning achievements and is my favorite off the album. Other tracks such as "The Whole World is Watching" and "Silver Moonlight" are highlights of WT's hard-rock/symphonic rock hybrid sound, and while they may be off-putting to fans of the band's earlier style, they are undeniably catchy and I find it's quite difficult to resist their charms. "Hydra" may not be the band at their peak, but it's a solid offering from a seasoned band that has enough power to stand on its own. If you're deciding which WT album to show to friends/family who are unfamiliar with the band, then this one is a good bet as an entry level piece.

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