Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Immolation - Kingdom of Conspiracy (2013)
As with the Dillinger review, I'll start by saying that I've never been a big fan of Immolation. In fact, their music bores me more often than it impresses me. That said, I did enjoy Majesty and Decay quite a bit and it's remained my favorite in their discography. Kingdom of Conspiracy doesn't change that view at all. Immolation's trademark dissonance and dark brutality are, of course, dominant features of this album which is sure to please hardcore fans. In that respect, it's another very solid release from this legendary death metal band. On the other hand, there's no sense of progression whatsoever here so those who aren't fans of the band to begin with probably won't change their mind after listening to this album. For casual fans such as myself this is a grower and I can't see why I won't be liking this better after a few listens (though I doubt it'll ever measure up to Majesty and Decay.)

Edit: I have indeed been liking it better after more listens so I'll bump it up half a point.

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