Thursday, June 6, 2013

Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest (2013)
After a quite lengthy absence, one of the most renowned electronic groups (and one of my favorites) has returned with another amazing, meticulously crafted piece of art that is a more than worthy addition to their stellar discography. It's also one of their most unique records in that the overall sound is noticeably darker and colder than their past works. In fact, BoC even go so far as to experiment with dark ambient on "Semena Mertvykh." However, Tomorrow's Harvest is still plenty beautiful and emotional per usual, and longtime fans will certainly not be disappointed. Tracks like "Reach for the Dead," "Cold Earth," "Split Your Infinities," and "New Seeds" are simply some of the best tracks the Scottish duo have put out. While this album probably won't displace The Campfire Headphase as my favorite BoC record (admittedly a minority opinion amongst BoC fans), it already feels like a close second after just a few listens. Potential electronic album of the year here, folks.

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