Monday, June 24, 2013

In Vain - Aenigma (2013)
One of the most overlooked prog metal albums of the year, In Vain's Aenigma is an epic, dense album that takes some of the best elements of Opeth, Leprous, and even Gojira and blends them together into a coherent and immensely satisfying whole. If you're looking for prog technicality, then look elsewhere because this album focuses on melody and atmosphere with little in the way of complicated time changes and the like. Much like Devin Townsend's style, the music is straightforward, punchy, yet very uplifting and beautiful at the same time. Also like Devin Townsend (and Leprous), the choruses throughout are infectiously good and serve as the pivot of the songs. The production is excellent and does a great job at establishing the wall-of-sound effect necessary for epic music such as this. Finally, the riffs, vocals and melodies are all excellent and nicely blend death and black elements together. Aenigma is one underground gem you shouldn't miss out.

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