Monday, September 15, 2014

Accept - Blind Rage (2014)
First off: Lunar Caverns is back in business! (Hopefully for good this time.)

Secondly: "Blind Rage" is undoubtedly a top 10 album of 2014. I have a huge soft spot for mighty riffs, soaring solos, and gritty vocals - all of which this album has in spades. Since reforming the band with singer Mark Tornillo, Accept have risen to the top of the metal scene, far surpassing their 80's material (at least in my opinion). Their first two post-reunion albums "Blood of the Nations" and "Stalingrad" saw the band approach true greatness with such headbangers as "Teutonic Terror,"  "Pandemic," and "Stalingrad's" title track. However, I could never connect with the either album all the way through. Moments of greatness were interspersed with moments of "Well this could have been a bit more memorable."

But where "Stalingrad" and "Blood of the Nations" lacked pizzazz, "Blind Rage" is Accept at their most focused and memorable. It combines their 80's melodic, AC/DC-esque style with the technical, thrashy side seen on the past two albums. Each song feels completely unique and every single riff, solo, and chorus is immensely catchy. This is an album that is so memorable you'll be able to recall the chorus of each song simply by looking at its name. From the jaw-dropping solo on "Stampede" to the mournful, ballad-esque "The Curse" to the shout-along anthem "Final Journey" this is an album that will hopefully grip you from beginning to end. For those who thought traditional metal is nothing more than an 80's relic, "Blind Rage" will restore your faith in this underrated genre and prove that there are still loads more awesome riffs yet to be heard.

The future for Accept looks very bright indeed. For a 60-year old, Mark Tornillo is at the top of his game and Wolf Hoffman proves himself to be one of metal's best and most underrated guitarists. If you're looking for that one album that'll prove traditional metal's relevancy and vitality, I can think of none better than "Blind Rage."


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