Saturday, March 30, 2013

Moss - Horrible Nights (2013)
Extreme doom metal outfit Moss have returned with their third album and even with the lack of harsh vocals, it still proves to be as evil and foreboding as "Sub Templum." Besides the acoustic instrumental "Dreams from the Depths," this album punishes the listener with unrelenting, droning riffs and a suffocatingly hazy atmosphere. This is really what doom metal should be all about: dark, heavy, and evil music. The issue though is that the album suffers from a lack of variety, but this is to be expected when we're dealing with this genre of music. After all, the band are going for a very specific mood and concept in their music so I think it behooves the listener to judge the album not only for its musical appeal, but also its artistic value. It may not be the most appealing music to those unfamiliar with this style, but its artistic value is quite high. Moss have not only continued the extreme doom tradition with this album, but they've also expanded their sound into new areas. For that, they deserve a great deal of respect and admiration.

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