Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sleep Research Facility - Stealth (2012)
Filled with glitches, static, haunting atmospherics, and intermittent radio chatter, this is an album that evokes not only the silent glide of a lone bomber through the night sky, but also the uncomfortable ambiguity of humanity's relationship with technology. Tension and fear flow throughout the album giving it some kind vague narrative; what that narrative is exactly is left entirely up to the listener. While listening to this album, I imagined the B-2 flying gradually into a nightmarish realm where technology engulfs humanity. Now, I'm no Luddite of course but it seems that this album is trying to convey the message that we don't know what the full consequences of our collective decisions will be and that they could indeed be truly nightmarish. It's a deeply unsettling album, as all dark ambient works should be, and while Deep Frieze is still my preferred product from SRF, this is an excellent and quite unique album in its own right.

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