Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bibio - Silver Wilkinson (2013)
For folk enthusiasts such as myself, the electronic world doesn't often mingle with our beloved genre and when it does we tend to shy away from it and deride it as "impure." However, on this album the mingling is done so well that it's not at all difficult to just go with the flow and think of the ambient sounds as an extension of the folk. It's folk for the modern age, as it were, and above all it's beautiful music. Where this record goes wrong (and this doesn't really detract from the quality all that much) is its lack of consistency and coherency in some parts. This is especially the case with "You" which sounds completely out of place on the record. Of course, I don't think every track should sound the same, but there should have been a bit more commonality between them to make for a smoother flowing album. Otherwise, this is a great album; both folk and electronic fans will most likely find something to enjoy on it as I did.

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