Monday, July 29, 2013

The Reign of Kindo - Play With Fire (2013)
Jazz-pop masters The Reign of Kindo are making another splash with what may be their best album yet. Whereas their previous two releases were very good, I can honestly say this one is great. It's very tightly constructed, catchy all around and is quite varied. Songs like "Sunshine" and "I Hate Music" are probably my favorite cuts from the album as I prefer the more upbeat, instantly catchy side of the band. That's not to say that the other tracks are skippable - not by a longshot. "Dust" and "The Man, The Wood, and The Stone" feature the soothing, contemplative side of the band and are simply gorgeous. All in all, the band have yet again accomplished the difficult task of conforming the complex structure of jazz with pop requirements, but this time they've made their most memorable and most satisfying album yet. If you haven't heard of this band before then check out this album for some really unique pop and downright fun music.

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