Monday, July 15, 2013

Evan Brewer - Your Itinerary (2013)
Evan Brewer of noted tech-deathers The Faceless may have proven himself as a highly accomplished bassist both in his work with his band and on his debut solo album Alone in 2011, but here he's raised the bar even further. Rather than mere bass solos, Brewer has decided to compose full-on jazz fusion songs complete with drums and keyboards. In fact, The Faceless already has a fairly jazzy sound so this just seems like a logical extension of it. Brewer's compositions on Your Itinerary are top-notch and remind me quite a bit of Animals as Leaders at times. They're incredibly dynamic and energetic with enormous depth and complexity. Evan Brewer might not be on the level of Herbie Hancock or Hiromi, but his second solo album is undoubtedly a fantastic fusion record that might just end up being the best in its genre for 2013.

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