Thursday, July 11, 2013

Misery Signals - Absent Light (2013)
After a rather lengthy wait, one of metalcore's most innovative bands have returned to present another offering filled with ass-kicking, heavy riffs, impressive technicality, and fantastic drumming. Sound-wise, there's not much different compared to the last album but that's perfectly fine because I think any metal band would be proud to have an album as well-written and engaging as Absent Light is. Everything from the grooves to the clean parts to the vocals is top-notch on this album. All the members of the band are incredibly talented musicians and it's clear they took full advantage of their skills here. Besides One of Us is the Killer, this is the best metalcore release I've heard this year. If you have a buddy or family member who's into prog but averse to "core" music then this is definitely the right album to introduce to him/her.

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