Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Autechre - Exai (2013)
One of the most influential and ambitious electronic groups has returned after three years with what may be their best album since "Amber." Autechre are as glitchy as ever on this album with meandering, dense passages that makes one imagine being walking through an endless labyrinth. Per usual, this is not a very easy listen as its schizophrenic nature wedges it in between the safe, familiar world of electronic dance music and the bizarre, chaotic world of avant-garde. As with other IDM artists such as Aphex Twin, as well as with Autechre's previous albums, Exai presents a bold challenge to the listener to not only enjoy its quirkiness, but to appreciate it as an artistic statement. I think this album works very well on both levels and would highly recommend it to any electronic music fan.

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