Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Long Distance Calling - The Flood Inside (2013)
As my first experience with this band, I can see they have a whole lot of talent but weren't really able to make a cohesive record. This is especially the case with the tracks that have vocals in them. As compared to the excellent instrumentals on the album, the vocal tracks lack the dynamism and sense of adventure that the former have. In turn, that makes the album feel rather disjointed and schizophrenic which is not a good thing in a demanding genre such as post-rock (or any other genre for that matter.) Unlike the new Olafur Arnalds album in which vocals were integrated nicely into a genre that normally doesn't feature vocals at all, the vocals on this album detract not only from the music backing them but also affect the album as a whole. Then again, those tracks aren't actually bad; they just don't fit with the album's flow. So overall, it's a mixed bag. But I am interested in checking out their earlier albums without vocals as I'm sure they'll be superb.

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